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]High school is about rainbows and butterflies. No. Well, at least not at Atlantic Coast Academy. Here it's lying about who you are, drama to the extreme, real stories, real life. Prom, Homecoming, Dances, The Games, Peprallies, scandals, haters, betrayel, bitches, jocks, nerds, teachers, outcasts, geniuses, musicians, you'll find it all, especially if you don't want to find it... High School isn't the easiest place, but you have to start somewhere... Come start here at Atlantic Coast Academy.

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March 2019
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 Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

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PostSubject: Kevin Hart   Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:17 pm

kevin james hart

Name: Kevin Hart

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Grade: Sophomore

Physical Appearance: At first glance, it seems that Kevin is lacking a few things that are trademarked for teenage boys - the pimply face, the awkwardness, etc. In all reality, though, that's all he truly is - a teenage boy. There is simple an explanation for all that. First off, Kevin loathes acne - he doesn't just try to keep is off his face, he is obsessed with keeping clear skin. It's one of his biggest flaws, as he can sometimes spend hours on end grooming himself. ...PROACTIVE BOYY. That stuff actually works, which kinda surprised him. It's only in the privacy of his personal bathroom though; not a soul knows about his habit, he's made sure of that. Next you'll make you're way to his hazel eyes. The orbs of blue mixed in with green, and either or -- depending on the lighting, are always strangely aloof in classes and such. He hates being confined - it's obvious in his facial expressions. As soon as his notebook his the desk in first period his eyes are distant and a frowned is planted on his face. After this, you'll probably spot his hair, which of course perfectly compliments his hair -- a dirty blonde color. It's usually swept somewhat to the left, though it's not choppy or flippy, it's simply...there. A few curls can be seen in the back and around his fringe, but it is straight for the most part. Kevin is also rather average in weight, one-hundred and twelve pounds. Of course his height is under average at a misc, 5'6". He doesn't eat too much, and many have consulted him about his 'weight problem.' No, he's not a large eater, in fact a few even think he's pseudo-anorexic. He completely denies this though, as he thinks that he eats perfectly fine. He's skinny, yes, he'll admit that, but he's healthy. His choice of apparel is rather open, as he'll wear basically anything. Lately, however, you can spot him in jeans, a tee-shirt, and a pair of Converse shoes.

Personality: Kevin has a normal personality. Ever since he was young, he's never really wanted to stand out. He's always just been part of the crowd, standing in between nasty shoulders as he would watch fights, or performances and shit that random people do. One of Kevin's favorite hobbies is playing his instruments. He plays bass (string instrument) and bass guitar. He's like most guys his age. Somewhat insecure but never showing it. Technically, Kevin's been part of the in-crowd for a while. In his sophomore year, all of it pretty much heightened. At one point, at the Nickels for Knacks Bachelor Auction, he had been auctioned off for for maybe 140 something dollars. He kinda hated the creepy chick that picked him though. He kinda hated the in-crowd, so when his mother moved him to a new state and he made the decision to go to Boarding School, he vowed to try and keep a low key type of profile.

History: On a regular night in a regular hospital, Alyssa Hart had a baby boy, whom she named Kevin. His father, somewhat tragically, was on the way to the hospital where he had gotten into a car accident and died from internal injuries the same day. Kevin, however, grew an unbreakable bond between him and his mother.

When he was 7, he begun to take lessons on playing the bass. Then at 10, he started to learn how to play the bass guitar, in school. So in school, he was practicing the bass guitar and at home he's hooked on the bass.

Pets: Benny (Bird, back home)

Talents: Plays the bass, bass guitar and basically anything with the word bass in it...


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PostSubject: Re: Kevin Hart   Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:29 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Atlantic Coast Academy


Alexa Althea Stratford - Grade 10

Marcus William Ramirez - Grade 12

Christian "Chris" Alexander Yorke - Grade 11

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Kevin Hart
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