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]High school is about rainbows and butterflies. No. Well, at least not at Atlantic Coast Academy. Here it's lying about who you are, drama to the extreme, real stories, real life. Prom, Homecoming, Dances, The Games, Peprallies, scandals, haters, betrayel, bitches, jocks, nerds, teachers, outcasts, geniuses, musicians, you'll find it all, especially if you don't want to find it... High School isn't the easiest place, but you have to start somewhere... Come start here at Atlantic Coast Academy.

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March 2019
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 Celestia Nighthawk

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Celestia Nighthawk

Celestia Nighthawk

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PostSubject: Celestia Nighthawk   Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:56 pm

` Celestia Alita Nighthawk ;

Baby ,baby, Show me how you play

fifteen | Scarlet Screamers | Singer
I am Either Your Worst Nightmare,
Or I am Your Best Friend

    So, care to gimme the lowdown on yourself, Cuppcake?

    Outgoing Celly is really outgoing and loves to get people jumping and most of all be happier, though she can come across as odd, and totally crazy. She isn't once you get to know her, she can be really different and sweet hearted. Except of course to those who provoke her and make her angry, she will seriously make them wish they never angered her. She is a very precocious gal, not liking to be lady like, and all prim and proper, rather then sitting in a chair the right way she'll turn around and sit in it backward.

    Awesome. Mind if I ask about your family? What are they like? And tell me a little about your past, too.

    Celly's family life is fairly difficult. Her dad is a Scientist, her mom an Opera singer, there names, Nathaniel, and Operetta. While she has three siblings, her twin sister, (To be Named later), her Older Brother, (To be Named later), and her Little sister who is younger by three years, (To be Named later).

    Back to you, now. What makes you smile on a rainy day? What are some things that you just love?

    Celly really loves music, she was pretty much born into a musical talent, she could play the Violin at age six, Cello at seven, piano at eight, and so on. But the most recent item she learned was guitar, and she absolutely loves it. Her various hobbies would be, parties, swimming, dancing, or singing her out onstage. This girl basically lives for the spotlight, outspoken, outgoing, always jumpin at the chance to get up and sing or talk and show her opinion.

    What about stuff you don't like so much? What scares you? What frustrates you?

    Celly is daftly afraid of Silence, which can be considered a reason that she is always plugged in, she has about five iPods, two waterproof and three not each with a multitude of songs so in case she looses one she has the others.

    Let's talk about your love life. What's going on with that?

    Well now, Well now. Celly here is a very Bisexual girl, but when it comes to a person liking her and always dropping hints, she will be so oblivious your only chance is to kiss her and scream it in her face. Relationships so far, she has mainly been with girls, and the only guy she was with was a very harsh break up, and that was before she came here to Atlantic Coast. The guy was her best friend and Scarlet Screamers, her bands, drummer, after they broke up, the band sort of went haywire and just disband. Since then she is kind of wary of boys altogether, right now, she is lookin' for a nice girl, but if a guy does end up capturing her heart, he might just need to know how to stay there.

Who are you fooling?
Nobody but me .

    So, you're the mastermind behind the Music, huh? Tell me about yourself.

    Well, I'm Maron, and I'm fifteen. I've been roleplaying for about Five Years and you can reach me by PM. Since I'm so nice, I'll even give you a sample of my roleplaying skills!

    Quote :
    Anna was at Cheerleading Practice, when she first started to take up cheerleading in her first year at vineheart, it was rather difficult. Anna had the right build for cheerleading and she had known something about it. But she hadn't be quite used to doing cheerleading, but she had long got over that and she was very used to being a cheerleader. Anna would normally go back to her dorm to change out of her cheerleader outfit, but she needed to get her homework done for tomorrow since she didn't have the time to do it before the practice that she just got out of. As a result, she didn't bother to go straight back to her dorm to get out of her cheerleader outfit and instead went start to the common room. Anna did expected to see a few people in there, but to her own surprise she only saw one person in the common room.

    As it happens it was the fourth year royal form Mexico, of whose name she forget, she knows that he was in her year for sure. He was fast asleep on the couch in the common room, Anna didn't want to wake the Mexico prince up, so she went over to the bookshelf and pulled out a french book and than went over to a chair and started reading it. Anna was taking French, even though she already knows plenty of languages, but she wanted to know another language as well, for it can come in handy. Anna looked up at the Mexico prince once just to make sure that he was still asleep on the couch, of which he was or at least appears to be. Anna looked back down at the book her hands as she kept reading the book to help her with her french.

    This is from a different site Im on

this template was created by hansolocups of caution and
the minority. if you steal it, she'll skewer you. seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: Celestia Nighthawk   Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:53 pm

Guurl <3 I see you. Your app is very well put together, informative and SEXII. Very Happy

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Atlantic Coast Academy


Alexa Althea Stratford - Grade 10

Marcus William Ramirez - Grade 12

Christian "Chris" Alexander Yorke - Grade 11

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Celestia Nighthawk
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