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]High school is about rainbows and butterflies. No. Well, at least not at Atlantic Coast Academy. Here it's lying about who you are, drama to the extreme, real stories, real life. Prom, Homecoming, Dances, The Games, Peprallies, scandals, haters, betrayel, bitches, jocks, nerds, teachers, outcasts, geniuses, musicians, you'll find it all, especially if you don't want to find it... High School isn't the easiest place, but you have to start somewhere... Come start here at Atlantic Coast Academy.

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March 2019
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 ♥ My heart is still beating

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PostSubject: ♥ My heart is still beating   Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:46 pm

Shawn Christopher Gold
seventeen • male • senior

            "mirror mirror on the wall"
            Standing at five foot ten, Shawn isn't too tall, but he towers over most. Deep green eyes don his handsomely sculpted face, and sometimes you can see a hint of rich brown in them. His skin in an apricot color, and he tans easily, but never seems to get that much darker nor does he ever burn. His hair is short and varies between a sandy blond to a light brown, depending on the lighting and the season; the winter usually brings him darker hair while the summer brings him light hair. No piercings are attached to his body, but there is one tattoo he wears ever so proudly: on his left shoulder reads 'Learn from them', which is in representation of his past with his parents.

            "we are who we are"
            Shawn was never an aggressive boy growing up, nor is he now. Possessing a soft, friendly nature, Shawn is known for being the guy that everyone can get along with and the guy that every can turn to when they need help. Full of strength, Shawn is able to help others out of tough, seeming impossible-to-escape situations. A confidential person, Shawn takes everything he is told to the grave. However, for such a warm, inviting young man, Shawn avoids opening up to others. People may think that they're close to him - that they know him and his story, when they really don't. Rarely does anyone discover the pain behind the smile - the events that made him who he is today. However, despite his secrecy, Shawn does his best to help others get through their trials and tribulations in the best way possible.

            "it's called a past for a reason"
            Life wasn't easy for Shawn, yet he still wore a smile on his face. The son of two mentally twisted people, a mother suffering from Munchhausen syndrome and a sex addict, Shawn was surprised and lucky he was never born with their mental instabilities. Despite living with them all of his life, Shawn didn't notice their sick problems until he was 6, when his father committed his first crime against him: molestation. From that time to the time he was 12, he had been a victim of his father. However, it wasn't until then his mother decided to let her mental state affect him. After she found out about his father molesting him, the woman began to tell the whole world, demanding sympathy for her son and for herself, especially when she opened up about her past with going through the same thing. His mother made such a big scene out of it all, everyone knew Shawn and what his father did to him, even though Shawn was still self-conscious and felt disgusting about it all. By the time he was 13, Shawn and his mother were known for their stories, and his mother loved the attention - she craved it. Eventually, she started making up stories about herself and her son, demanding more eyes on them. Soon, she went to physically harming herself and getting into drugs to receive medical attention. Eventually, she assaulted Shawn after taking pills and having a mental breakdown, sending him to the hospital, just as a 13 year old boy. His mother almost lost her rights to him, but she pleaded insanity, and agreed to visit a counselor every day while he was at school in order to keep him. However, the abuse didn't stop. She continued to hurt herself and her son, loving the feel of going to the hospital, making up some kind of mock story to save her ass and get sympathy out of others. This occurred for 3 years, and it wasn't until Shawn's aunt received a letter from him, pleading for help. The woman got him out of his mother's house and away from that place, which now brings him here - a place away from the pain and from the people who want to do nothing more than hurt him. Still haunted by his past and enduring nightmares almost every night, Shawn has made it priority to stay strong and overcome the pain they caused him, and to never repeat their mistakes.

            "make me proud"
            Shawn is at home when he is in the kitchen or behind a sewing machine. Although it may be a woman's work, Shawn excels in culinary arts and in the sewing arts as well. He is also very good with numbers, usually ranking highest when it comes to math exams.

            "la la la"
            Avelana is his cousin, and he gets along very well with her. He's very excited for her son to be born, and sometimes slips and calls the baby his nephew, rather than his baby cousin.

            "wanna know why?"
            He's here to get away from what brought him down, and never wants to go back to the pain.

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PostSubject: Re: ♥ My heart is still beating   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:21 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Atlantic Coast Academy

YAY!!!!!! Make a thread!
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♥ My heart is still beating
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